Increasing growth in Norwegian forests


According to calculations by the National Forest Inventory, the total growing stock in Norwegian forests is 942 million cubic metres.

The stock is steadily increasing, and over the last ten years the volume has grown 26 per cent.

Out of the total growing stock, 840 million cubic metres belong to the productive forest area.

Increasing increment
The annual increment in total was 26.1 million cubic metres; the highest increment ever calculated.

In productive forest, the annual increment amounted to 24.1 million cubic metres; of which 18.8 million cubic metres are in conifer forest.

Spruce most common
Spruce is the most common species of tree, with 44 per cent of the total growing stock, followed by pine with 31 per cent and broad-leaved with 25 per cent.

Increased productive forest area
The productive forest area is estimated at 83 000 square kilometres, or one quarter of the Norwegian land area. Protected or other closed-off areas of productive forest are not included. The total area of unproductive forest and other wooded land was 57 000 square kilometres.


Source: SSB / Norway Today