The industry will reduce sugar in sodas and juice

Sugar TaxSugar lumps. Photo:

Producers of soft drinks and juices in Norway have promised to remove one fifth of sugar in their goods within three years

The four market leaders on sweetened beverages, Ringnes, Coca-Cola, Tine and Lerum and Orkla and all 12 soda manufacturers in the brewing and beverage association, have set a reduction target to 19 percent of added sugar before 2020.
The reduction shall be achieved both through cuts in existing products and by promoting and developing sugar-free options. The promise is a follow-up memorandum on a healthier diet, signed on Tuesday.
Today, 57 percent of soda drunk in Norway has added sugar, according to figures from the brewing and beverage Society. Around 15 percent of the sugar we consume comes from soda.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today