Insurance companies believe in a lasting change in travel habits after the pandemic

Passport control at Oslo AirportPassport control at Oslo Airport.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

Four out of ten Norwegians say they want to fly less even after the pandemic is over. One insurance company thinks that our travel habits are shifting.

The finding is highlighted in a survey that Opinion has done for Gjensidige.

“These are very interesting numbers. The results show that people, especially the elderly, have big plans to change their travel habits, even after the pandemic,” says Bjarne Rysstad, head of communications.

He is hoping that the changes in behavior will be as great as those expressed by people in the survey.

“We believe that travel may be the area most affected by the pandemic in the long term. It may be both because people want to travel away on holiday and because these types of travel may become more expensive, for example as a result of bankruptcies in the travel industry,” she says.

The Foreign Ministry updated its travel advice on Thursday. Travel to almost all European countries is now discouraged. Finland and the regions of Sweden and Denmark are among the exceptions.

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