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Insurance fraud for over 400 million revealed last year


Last year, insurance fraud was revealed at a total of NOK 428 million, according to FinansNorg’s fraud report for 2017.

This is more than ever before, and a solid increase from the year before, when insurance companies revealed fraud for a total of NOK 353 million.

“Those who cheat, cheat the community,” says communications manager Stine Neverdal in Finance Norway.

The largest amounts are related to fraud with disability insurance. However, in terms of numbers, most of the cases concerning non-life insurance are for example for travel, car or content.

The report applies to cases that are disclosed as fraud pursuant to the Insurance Contracts Act (FAL).

On average, people try to cheat for about 300,000 kroner.

“Sometimes things are reported to insurance companies that are fictional, they have not happened. Other issues are about adding on extras, says Neverdal.

She states that it is the insurance companies themselves who find out the vast majority of those who try it on.

“The case investigators in the insurance companies are doing an important job. The vast majority of honest customers expect the companies and us in Finance Norway to hunt for the fraudsters, ” says Neverdal.


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