The insurance pays out billions in travel claims

MoneyMoney.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix


2016 will be the year in which it will be paid the most money in travel compensation to Norwegian tourists ever.

So far, it paid 1.7 billion, but the industry expects that payments will be around 2 billion Kroner.

Still the most paid travel claims are for Norwegians on holiday in Spain. The reason is that Spain is the Norwegians’ preferred holiday destination when we go outside Scandinavia.

But the growing US-tourism makes a rough situation for travel claims.

Stay on US hospitals may be extremely expensive. In addition, lots of claim raised for exotic cases. In these cases, transporting sick people back home to Norway is very expensive.

– Without insurance it can quickly cost several hundred thousand crowns to be sent home by air ambulance from the East or the United States.

In addition, hospital expenses that you must pay yourself are very high- if the insurance is not in order, says Espen Opedal in Tryg Forsikring.

Deputy Director of European Insurance and IF P & C, Emma Elisabeth Vennesland, told Aftenposten that investors among private hospitals in the US increased the process for foreign patients.

– Investors behind the private hospitals will ensure the operation by charging the management of patients with insurance very high, she says.

Going on holiday without travel insurance could thus become a nightmare for many.

After the first nine months, more than 260,000 travel claims been reported, which is a high record.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today