Nav paid NOK 7.1 billion to people abroad last year

NAV,NAV logo. Photo Norway Today Media

Nearly 80,000 people living abroad received 7.1 billion kroner from Nav in 2017. More than half of the money went to pensioners.

In total, Norwegian citizens living abroad received NOK 4.2 billion last year. Persons with foreign citizenship residency abroad received 2.9 billion kroner, show statistics from Nav.

NOK 5.8 billion goes to retired pensioners and disability benefit recipients  abroad. Most of the recipients are Norwegian citizens. For unemployment benefits and cash benefits, the picture is different, since nine out of ten recipients were foreign nationals.

80 per cent of all Nav benefits goes to Europeans, and Sweden is the country to which the most money is paid. Last year, 2.4 billion NOK went to Sweden. NOK 789 million went to people living in Spain and 611 million to persons in Denmark. NOK 392 million went to people living in Poland.

The figures from Nav also show that people living in Thailand receive the largest payments per person. On average, each person therev received 230,000 kroner a year and 90 percent of the recipients are Norwegian citizens who receive retirement or disability benefits.

People in Lithuania received average support at least, with NOK 34,000 per year. 90 percent of the recipients in Lithuania are foreign nationals and most receive child benefit or sickness benefit.


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