Insurers revealed attempted fraud of several hundred millions

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Insurers revealed fraud attempts totalling NOK 353 million last year. This is an increase of five percent, according to a new report.

Most cases concern insurance, while the largest amounts are connected with disability and various types of life insurance, according to Finance Norway’s fraud report.

– 60 percent of the total fraud amount now applies to sickness and disability claims, says communications manager in Finance Norway, Stine Neverdal.

The report shows that those who attempt fraud with disability coverage on average unjustly claim NOK 700,000 each.

Although fraud involving personal injury and disability constitute the largest amounts, there are more of the smaller claims.

The most common fraud method is to fabricate an incident or that there will be added extra amounts when the claim for damages are submitted.

The increase may be due to people swindling more, but may also indicate that more is discovered.

Claims Manager at Gjensidige, Vera Sønsthagen, says to NRK that the computer systems now notify suspicious behaviour, such as accidents occur shortly after the insurance has been bought.

More men than women defraud their insurance company – figures show that roughly two out of three found out are men.

If caught in insurance fraud, you not only lose the right to compensation, but also risk claims and being reported to the police.

– The vast majority of customers are fortunately honest. But insurers are aware of fraudulent behaviour and scam artists are taking a high risk, says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today