Insurers have revealed hundreds of scams


So far this year, nearly 500 people have been caught  attempting to defraud Norwegian insurance companies, , ,according to figures that have been reported to Finance Norway.

On average, the companies have been attempted to be defrauded of 300,000 kroner. That means that the close to 500 people who have been caught so far this year, taken together, have attempted to defraud payments of almost 150 million in toal, writes E24.

Most of the cases involve damages insurance, but the largest amounts are from cases where people have tried to receive a disability pension without being entitled to it.

– Some of the cases where we caught people trying to defraud us for particularly large amounts of money, involved disability and life insurances. We caught a few persons trying to defraud us out of millions of kroner that way, communications manager  in Finance Norway, Stine Neverdal, says.

According to the figures, there are two trends that stand out. Firstly, more men than women are caught attempting to defraud the insurance companes, and secondly, the cases  shows that the men on average try to get larger amounts from the companies than the women do.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today