Isaksen wants taxi app for less expensive taxi’s

Illustration.Taxi driver

Minister of Industry, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen of Høyre (H) said taximeters could be replaced with apps next year, which will lead to cheaper taxi services.

In a report from the Norwegian government, a committee that looked at the possibility that new technology could change the current taxi service, concluded that apps could take over from taxi meters wrote VG newspaper.

‘’New technology can facilitate new business models. This could lead to new and cheaper taxi services. Not least, consumers have an
expectation that new technology will be put to use. It is important that we keep up in order to exploit the opportunities’’ said Røe Isaksen to

Replacing today’s taximeters with an app will also make it easier for people to establish themselves in the taxi industry.

When taximeters will be replaced with an app is still not clear. The case is due to be heard and Isaksen hopes to conclude it during 2020.

From July the 1st next year, the new taxi rules will be introduced, where among other things, the rules for taxi licenses will be removed in the big cities. The Norwegian Taxi Federation is strongly critical of the fact that there will be more licenses granted, and said there is a danger of competition on different terms when the app is introduced because taxi meters are required in public contracts for, for example, driving medical patients.

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