It’s still most expensive to rent a home in Oslo and Bærum, new survey shows

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If you rent a home, you can get a large detached house in a rural setting for the same price as a one-room apartment in Oslo or Bærum.

According to new data, unsurprisingly, it’s most expensive to rent a home in Oslo and nearby areas. 

At the same time, it’s cheapest to rent a home in small towns and sparsely populated areas.

The average rent for a one-room apartment in Oslo and Bærum is higher than the average rent for a home with five rooms or more in the least densely populated areas, according to the Rental Market Survey from Statistics Norway (SSB).

Big differences

There are also big differences in where you rent housing in Norway’s capital. 

In the areas close to the city center, you have to pay around NOK 12,600 for a two-room apartment of 50 square meters. 

At the same time, you could pay around NOK 11,100 if you rent a home on the outskirts of the city in places like Søndre Nordstrand, Grorud, Stovner, and Alna.

Average rental price

For the whole country, the average rental price for a two-room apartment in 2020 is NOK 9,320. 

If you rent in Oslo or Bærum, the average is NOK 12,080, while in Bergen, the rent amounts to NOK 9,150. 

In Trondheim the average is NOK 9,560 and in Stavanger NOK 8,740.

The rental market survey also shows that Oslo has the highest number of professional landlords. In other cities, it’s more common to rent from a private individual.

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