JAILED: 46 Norwegians In Foreign Prisons

Prison, au pairsPrison: Photo:Pixabay

Norwegian tabloid Verdens Gang (Course of the World) has published a summary review of the 46 Norwegians (3 of them women) being held within foreign jails, as chronicled by Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs communications manager Frode Andersen spoke with VG and gave current status of the dozens of Norwegians being held within foreign jails,saying: “In many countries, a jail sentence will find you depending upon your own resources when trying to purchase things such as toiletries and medicines.”

“A good part of our visiting program concerns money issues and helping our citizens acquire essential items such as medication or toiletries.” – states Anderson.

The latest ministry summary highlights an unusual case of a dual-citizen Norwegian woman suffering foreign jails after being charged with allegedly smuggling salmon. The woman is being held for smuggling salmon valued at 180 million krone from Vietnam to China.

The ministry summary also rosters 8 Norwegians imprisoned under charges of theft, 11 Norwegians @ bankruptcy, 6 held under drug charges and 6 more held for murder.

Extreme violence, terrorism and ‘other criminal offenses’ round out the categories under which Norwegian nationals are currently being held within foreign jails.


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