Jensen warns of Norwegian tax for online giants

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Finance Minister Siv Jensen (Frp) says that if an international tax solution for IT giants is not in place during the year, Norway will take its own tax measures.

– “There must be clarification in 2020. The longer we keep going, the bigger and stronger these companies are growing,” says the finance minister to Klassekampen.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has been working for several years to put in place a common set of rules to ensure that the big IT companies pay taxes where they generate profits. It has been announced that a solution will be in place in 2020, the newspaper writes.

Web giants such as Google and Facebook are taking an increasing share of the Norwegian advertising market and paying minimal tax to Norway. They can do this because their headquarters are in low-tax countries like Ireland.

In October, the OECD presented a proposal for a framework that 134 countries are currently negotiating. Jensen believes in a solution, but says that if it turns out not to be the case, a Norwegian solution must be put in place immediately.

Countries like France have not been waiting for a solution. They introduced taxes for digital companies last year.

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