Jobs are most important before the election

Anikken Hauglie. Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet jobsAnikken Hauglie. Photo: Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet

Study: More jobs are most important for Norwegians ahead of the election

About two months before the election, Norwegians are far more concerned that more jobs are created than by their own economy, according to a recent study.


In excess of four out of ten state that creating jobs is the most important economic issue before the parliamentary elections on September 11, according to the survey.

– Far more ranks creating jobs in front of low unemployment, economic growth for Norway and personal finances when they are asked to rate the importance of these four issues before this year’s parliamentary elections, says  Henrik Høidahl to NTB. He is senior adviser for the surveyors Opinion.

The survey show that only 13 per cent are most concerned about their personal finances, while 19 percent rank economic growth for Norway and one in four thinks that low unemployment is the most important.

The findings reflect that unemployment has fallen in recent months, and that Norwegians now look brighter on the developments in the labor market and the Norwegian economy in general, says Høidahl.

Ecconomy important

At the same time, more than half of the respondents answer that economics have very big or quite significant significance in the parliamentary elections.

But only one of three says they are affected by the economic situation in Norway when deciding on a political party. One in five states that they are to a small extent affected by the economic situation.

“It is a sign that Norwegians have become increasingly optimistic on behalf of their own and the country’s economy in the last year and that there are other issues that are more important for party affinity than economics,” Høidahl argues.

After a prolonged oil downturn many arrows are pointing in the right direction for the Norwegian economy.

Unemployment falls, economic growth seems to pick up this year and next year and the Government has presented positive forecasts regarding the employment rate.

A favourable currency exchange rate has also been important for Norwegian export companies.

Labour and the Conservatives

The loud argument between the Labour Party and the Conservatives on the Labour Market Development is already at gale force.

Opinion figures show that 47 per cent have the greatest confidence to Labour when it comes to creating jobs in the public sector, while only 13 per cent think that the Conservatives are best at this. But when it comes to creating jobs in the private sector, the figures are reversed: 44 per cent have the greatest confidence in Høyre (the Conservatives), while less than one in five cent trust Ap (Labour) the most.

When it comes to combating unemployment, 38 percent have the greatest confidence in Labour, while 24 percent trust the most in the Conservatives.

According to the survey, the voters have as much confidence in the two parties ‘ability to prepare Norway for a time with lower oil revenues and to ensure a good development of Norwegians’ personal finances.

However, AP is 7 percentage points ahead when the question is which party the voters have the greatest confidence in leading the Norwegian economy safely through tough economic times.


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