The jobs Norwegian companies are struggling to fill


Every fourth Norwegian employer is struggling to find qualified labour.Above all, skilled workers such as welders, electricians, technicians, and engineers.


ManpowerGroup asked nearly 40,000 employers in 43 countries about how hard it is to get the labour they need. Based on this, the company has compiled a list of the ten most difficult posts to recruit in Norway right now.

Professionals such as electricians and mechanics top the list, followed by technicians such as quality controllers and engineers in chemistry, electronics and mechanics.

In addition, bus drivers and truck drivers, professionally trained lawyers and researchers, IT experts and teachers come next.

If we are to believe the survey,Norwegian employers also struggle to get health workers, salespersons and industrial workers.

Strong increase

The survey showed that 25% of Norwegian employers struggle to find qualified labour. In 2016 the figure was 16%.

Group chief executive Maalfrid Brath, of ManpowerGroup Norway,pointed out that competence shortage is currently less common in Norway than in the rest of the world.

But globally, the trend is that companies are finding it increasingly difficult to find qualified workers. Worldwide,45% of employers report that they are struggling with this.In Japan, the figure is 89%.

“Developments globally show that companies themselves must develop the talents they need. In this, Norway are behind’’said Brath.

“In the future we can not divorce ourselves from the competence problems. Norwegian companies now have wriggle room to put in place development programs. We must use that well,’’ Brath believes.

Can take hold

In Norway, every third employer stated that jobseekers either lack “hard” skills or sufficient “soft” skills. Digitization and new business models make the right balance between technical and human skills more important than ever, according to ManpowerGroup.

The recruitment company pointed to four steps employers can take to succeed in gaining the workforce they need:

* Invest in developing your own employees.

* Find new ways into the talent market or pay more.

* Leasing skills.

* Help employees into new roles inside or outside the organization.


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