Krekar has cost 12 million

Mullah KrekarMullah Krekar.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The state has spent NOK 12 million on various lawsuits and imprisonment related to Mullah Krekar.

This is according to figures ABC News has received from the Ministry of Justice.

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  1. The problem with Norwegian law is because they don’t have a special law for terrorists like Krekar. In countries like the USA they can detain a terrorist under a special law. If someone is trying to destroy the country he is living he must not be considered a citizen. He should be considered a lawless person and his residence permit and passport revoked, period. Krekar came to Norway as a refugee but he is acting like a lord. he is simply playing under Norwegian law. Norway must do something about Krekar type people. Otherwise it will lose a lot.

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