Kripos encourage more people to report Cyber Crime

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Computer crime is increasing, but most cases are not reported, according to the Police Directorate. NCIS (Kripos) are now urging more people to report to the police in such cases.

– We see a great increase of crime committed via the Internet and other computer systems. The attacks are more sophisticated and advanced, head of the section for computer crime in the NCIS, Håvard Aalmo, told NRK.

Aalmo thinks more people will be exposed to computer crime in the future, especially in the form of ransom viruses, so-called director fraud and phishing.

NCIS also see an increase in DDoS (Denial of Service) attacks against businesses. Such attacks are intended to create instability in the network or to get make services collapse.

The Dark figures Survey for 2016 from the Confederation of Security Council, however show that only one in ten firms who are exposed to cybercrime, will file a complaint.

– There is large under-reporting. It is important that both people and businesses inform the police, says Aalmo.

Telenor was subjected to around 3,600 computer attacks last year, in addition to countless attempts of scams, but reported only 47 cases.

Since February, hundreds of thousands of Norwegians received scam mails containing ransom viruses, where the criminals pretended to represent Telenor.

Safety officer Caroline Lunde at Telenor says they are exposed to so much computer crime that they do not have the time to file complaints.

– We prioritize using our resources on making sure that our customers do not suffer Lunde states.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today