Kripos warns of Vipps fraud

Vipps fraudVipps is the most common payment service in Norway. Photo: Vipps.

Kripos has noted that Vipps fraud is spreading, asking people to be aware and careful. The police in Agder are investigating another fraud attempt with the service.

‘We are familiar with several cases of fraud attempts by Vipps customers. Remember that no serious companies ask for PINs, passwords or payment info by SMS or phone,’ warns Kripos in a message on Twitter.

There are few who report fraud or attempted fraud. Kripos asks people to report these incidents and remind everyone that such attempts can happen via SMS, phone, email, applications and websites.

We also advise you to contact your bank and your insurance company. Has the transfer of money already happened? Call the bank immediately and try to stop the transfer, is among the advice offered online from Kripos.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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