Labour immigrants can obtain a national ID card

Ide cardIllustration.Ide card. Photo: Pixabay

Both Norwegians and others who work in Norway will receive a national ID card. The card should have been introduced twelve years ago. Now it is scheduled to come next year.

– “The first thing that happens is that the Norwegians will get this national ID card, but then I think it is important that the process does not stop there,” says tax director Hans Christian Holte to NRK.

He says it is important that others who have what he describes as an “active relationship with Norway” also get the ID card, in order to avoid fraud. By that he means, for example, people who work in Norway.

The reason for the tax director’s statements is that two Russians were recently convicted of submitting fake ID documents for their employees, who worked in Norway. The two Russians received eleven months’ imprisonment for falsifying the citizenship of two Ukrainians to being Romanians.

– “It is entirely possible to create a system where foreigners who are in Norway can also get their ID cards, and make sure it is secure, but that there is also a clear difference between the Norwegian version of that ID card and the foreigner’s ID card,” says Holte.

The Police Directorate, which is responsible for the ID card, is scheduled to introduce it in 2020. They should have been introduced in 2007.

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  1. That’s excellent!!!! I’ve been saying this for years welcome the workers, they love working mostly. Good decision, hope it actually happens.

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