Large Bank “vipps”ing customer info to Facebook

DNB headquarters, in downtown Oslo.DNB headquarters, in downtown Oslo..Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Every time you use DNB’s money transfer service Vipps it’s not just the money that is transferred. The personal data is also transferred – to Facebook.

Both the Computer Inspectors and the Consumer Council have responded  to the information transfer with great concern, according to the news channel NRK.
The Consumer Council have together with SINTEF mapped Vipps and a number of Norwegian apps. The conclusion is that every time a user opens the Vipps-app, regardless of whether you have a Facebook account or not, the DNB- app alerts Facebook.
– We do not know what information the ID code sent to Facebook contains, but it could be a great deal,  SINTEF scientist Antoine Pultier says.

The Customer Council is asking the DNB  for a thorough explanation, since the information transfer is not mentioned in the privacy terms and conditions. The Computer Inspectorate believes it seems that DNB violates the requirement in the Personal data act by failing to inform the customer on this.   The Vice President  in the DNB EvenWesterveld, on the other hand, denies that the Vipps shares information about its users on Facebook and say this  is to do with cookies that make it possible to customize ads to different audiences.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today