Large gap between purchase and sale price of face masks

face masksFace masks.Photo: Thomas Brun / NTB scanpix

There is a big price difference between a pack of 50 face masks at a Norwegian pharmacy and the purchase price. The industry explains it is higher prices because of when face masks were purchased.

E24 has compared the price of face masks in Norwegian pharmacies and the purchase price of the same product from the manufacturer in China. The difference is big. While a pack of 50 face masks costs NOK 599 retail at Apotek 1, Vitus Apotek and Boots apotek, the wholesale purchase price for a 50 pack corresponds to NOK 22.5.

Shipping costs and taxes are not included in this calculation. In addition, the pharmacies explain that the prices were far higher when face masks that are being sold today were actually purchased from China earlier this year.

– “Face masks that are sold to customers now, were largely purchased in April and May, when the purchase prices were significantly higher than they are now,” says communications manager Anne Margrethe Aldin Thune in Boots Apotek.

However, pharmacies are signaling that the situation is stabilizing, which will lead to lower prices in stores as well.

– “At the turn of the month, you will see more face masks at a lower purchase price, and therefore also retail price, in our stores,” says Hans Kristian Furuseth, top manager of the online pharmacy Farmasiet.

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