Large number of construction workers in Oslo work illegally

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On construction sites in Oslo and Akershus, one third are illegal workers

An investigation of 59 construction sites in Oslo and Akershus shows that 40% use hired labour, and of these labourers, 80% of them work illegally, according to a new report.



The report from the building community in Oslo and Akershus is based on the facts garnered after union representatives searched 59 construction sites. The sites employ almost 3,000 workers. The purpose was to investigate the extent of the use of temporary employees and the legality thereof, Free Trade Union (Fri Fagbevegelse) wrote.

The report shows that almost all hired labour comes from employment agencies, not from other manufacturing companies.

For hired labour to be legal, several key factors must be in place. Of all the surveyed hired labour and their work conditions mentioned in the report, 85% lacked one or more of these factors, and therefore were illegal.

– In general, we see that elected union representatives are totally overwhelmed by hired labour cases. The problem is that both illegal hiring, and social dumping, is virtually risk free. The worst punishment they receive is to get their name in the media, and maybe are made to pay for what the work actually costs, says the workers representative at the Plumbers’ Trade Union in Oslo (Rørleggernes fagforening) , Boye Ullmann.


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