Largest housing growth in twelve years


The net profit from the number of homes sold last year was the largest recorded since housing statistics began in 2006.


On January 1 this year, there were 2,547,732 homes in Norway, shows new figures from housing statistics in Statistics Norway (SSB). This means that the housing portfolio increased by 32,143 during last year.

“It is the largest annual net growth recorded since 2006 when statistics were started,” said senior advisor, Vilni Verner Holst Bloch of SSB.

In previous years, the average of 27,300 houses had been cut.

Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim had the largest increase in housing stock. All these municipalities had a net growth of over 1,000 homes, 2,934, 1,842,and 1,658 homes respectively.

“The top ten municipalities with the highest growth accounted for 36% of total housing growth in the country. At the bottom were 150 municipalities which, in total, showed zero in net housing growth, Holst Bloch pointed out.

Single properties dominate the housing stock in Norway. But for the first time in decades, half of the homes are detached houses.

“It is especially a turning point for the construction of detached houses to apartment bocks that explains the decline. In 2006, the percentage of detached houses was 54.2, while in 2018 it was 49.9,” said Vilni Verner Holst Bloch.


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