Largest reindeer slaughter in several years

wild reindeerReindeer.Photo:

A total of 83,500 reindeer were slaughtered at the slaughterhouse in 2016, the largest number in years. In addition, the weight of the reindeer is on the rise.

A historically high harvest throughout the autumn and winter has meant that the supply of reindeer meat is better than ever, writes the Ministry of Agriculture in a statement.

– This is good news for consumers. Through market-oriented product development and marketing, the awareness of Norwegian reindeer meat has increased.

Over the years, this has contributed to increased consumption. It is especially gratifying that the young people are consuming more venison, says Agriculture and Food Minister Jon Georg Dale.

According to the Ministry, the reindeer operations have mainly consisted of reducing the number of reindeer.

Reduction in the number of reindeer has been a demanding process for both herders and authorities.

In order to increase the industry’s profitability it will continue to be crucially important that we manage to keep a number of reindeer that are adapted to grazing, says Dale.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today