Law professor believes Norwegians have hidden rights

Professor Christoffer Conrad EriksenProfessor Christoffer Conrad Eriksen.Photo: UiO

Norwegians may miss EU rights because of similar mistakes made in the Nav case, says Professor Christoffer Conrad Eriksen.

– The Nav cases are a spectacular expression of errors that can also be found in many other administrative cases, says Eriksen at the Department of Public Law at the University of Oslo to Dagbladet.

He says Norwegians have hidden rights through the EEA agreement, which we are not aware of, because they are difficult to find in the legislation. This may mean that decisions are being made in several areas in violation of the rights of people.

One example is the rights patients have to purchase services across national borders in the EU. The Patient Rights Directive is part of the EEA Agreement and allows Norwegian citizens to choose treatment in the EU when the deadline for treatment has expired. The costs of the treatment are what the Norwegian authorities must pay for, the professor points out.

– It is serious that the Patient Rights Directive has not been implemented so that patients’ rights are sufficiently clear in the legislation, says Eriksen.

The Vocational Qualifications Directive is another example. Rights such as deadlines for obtaining an education are not expressed in Norwegian law.

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2 Comments on "Law professor believes Norwegians have hidden rights"

  1. SHAHRZAD MIRZAAGHA | 6. November 2019 at 00:33 | Reply

    Nav skandal har it’s roots in finansial Department that cheat i data base and made me fake org nr in SSB statistik sentral unit in finansial Department for to hide the high unemployment and this way they can deny u right health care too.i Found out they har made me fake org nr in SSB and brønøysund and they delete org nr 914135125 on 15 des 2016 short after i nav them i want to see internal in my jornals , all my jornal was må ipulaged . This is a big nett work in finansialdeparteman that control nav what to do, they do it for saving money and for hiding high unemployment in SSB statistik , and for make me look bad in eyes of others . And i was in Norway when it happened . They threat me a lot too. And they hide i get post tramatised i 2015 when some rasist bit me and other rasist bit me in 2017 and same day in 2017 i get bite SSB in finansial department made me again a fake org nr for to hide that i get strong tramatized again that was a planed rasist attack that system hide again .a rasist network in system do it and told me system is not for you , and i came 1987 and i Payed in many years high taxes but unfortunatly there are a strong rasist network in system do manipulation specially for forigners .who get sick for to deny them their rights , they threat me a lot .And it i all start in finansial Department that want to save more money this way and dump some pasients , spesially forigners.

  2. SHAHRZAD MIRZAAGHA, get on twitter and look for #NAVSkandalen to make contact with others. Also send your complaint to and, if you can fill out and send a case to European Court of Human Rights. These are your only options since what should be the law in Norway is NOT the law so the courts are useless to citizens …. good luck.

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