Lefdal is past tense – all stores becomes Elkjøp

Lefdal. Photo: Norway Today Media

Lefdal is past tense – all stores becomes Elkjøp

After 82 years it is a game over for the electronics chain Lefdal. All stores will be transformed into the main brand Elkjøp.


– Part of the reason is that we have not succeeded in differentiating between Elkjøp and Lefdal. If we had been able to target other customer groups with a slightly different product range, we would probably not have done this, says in Elkjøp ,Chairman Fredrik Tønnesen, to Dagens Næringsliv.

Elkjøp aquired Lefdal in 1996. Currently Lefdal and Elkjøp are owned by the English electronics giant Dixon Cardphone. As of January 15, the Lefdal stores will be fully integrated in the Elkjøp brand.

In a press release, Tønnesen emphazises the competition from online stores and international players like Amazon as a reason for focusing on one brand.

The 21 Lefdal stores have a total turnover of NOK 2.5 billion a year. The stores have reported a total loss of almost NOK 30 million over the last three years. A Lefdal store in Trondheim and an Elkjøp store in Haugesund will be discontinued as a result of the merger.


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