One in three Norwegians says that terrorism affects their holiday plans

People bathing in a poolKoh Phangan, Thailand 20100715. Syden, ferie. Foto: Berit Keilen / SCANPIX
One in three Norwegians says that terrorism affects their holiday plans.According to a survey, Infact made for the newspaper VG.
Just over half of the respondents, 55.6 percent responded that terror does not affect the destination of chosen holiday resort while 11.4 percent are undecided. Over the past year,  the terrorists have attacked foreign tourists in  popular holiday destination such as Egypt, Tunisia, France, Thailand, Philippines and ,most recently, Turkey.
A review VG has done, show that at least 400 tourists have been killed in terrorist attacks over the past three decades.
– It seems to be IS’s strategy to frame the economy in a country that already has political problems. People have until now thought twice before  booking travel to Turkey. Now they will think twice or three times, says Middle East expert Cecilie Hellestveit at International Law and Policy Institute (ILPI).
She refers to the suicide bombing in the heart of the tourist district of Istanbul earlier this week, where 11 tourists, ten of them German, were killed. International terrorism experts believe IS, through directing their attacks against such targets, wants to send a clear message.
– The terrorists know that when they attack such targets,  most of the victims will be foreign tourists. They also know that by killing foreigners, it will have a greater impact on the international community, says terrorism expert Ercan Citlioglu at the Center for Strategic Studies at Baskent University in Ankara to the news agency Al Jazeera.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today