Less pork in stock after Christmas sale

Meat sawCut Meat, Photo: Pixabay

Sales of ribs and other pork before Christmas have resulted in less pork in the regulatory warehouse than in several years.

– At year-end, the warehouse is down to 700 tonnes. That is the lowest level in almost two years, writes Nortura Marketing Manager Hilde-Kari Skarstein in Nortura.

At Christmas 2017, there was just over 800 tonnes of pork in the regulatory warehouse for a few weeks, while one week Christmas 2016, the pork stock was just under 700 tonnes. Otherwise, there has been much more in stock most of the time in the last three to four years, the newspaper writes.

At most, there were up to 6,400 tonnes of pork in stock last fall. As a result, pig farmers received money to shut down the operation.

The aim of the scheme was to reduce the number of breeding pigs by 4,000 to get a balance in a market characterized by overproduction and thousands of tonnes of pork in regulatory stock.

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