Lithuanian transport company can be thrown out of Norway

Vlantana Norge ASVlantana Norge AS

A Lithuanian transport company runs the risk of losing its license to drive in Norway after a number of breaches of the rules. The company admits mistakes.

In an enterprise audit, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration has carried out together with the Tax Administration and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority has found that the Lithuanian transport company Vlantana Norge AS does not fulfill the conditions for transport activities in Norway. This is reported by NRK.

Head of the Crime Section Jon Molnes in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration says that they have asked the company to document their business in Norway within three weeks, otherwise the company can lose their transport license in this country.

Police Review

– “We have found various violations of the regulations that we have found it necessary to report them to the police,” he says to the national broadcaster.

According to Molnes, it has been difficult to obtain information from the company that will tell whether they meet the requirements for companies established in Norway.

A truck that was stopped on the E6 in Stange in Hedmark on Friday after driving nearly one mile in the wrong direction of traffic, belongs to Vlantana. According to NRK, the drivers of the company worked 100 percent, while the employment contracts and paid salaries corresponded to 50 percent positions.

The company admits mistakes, which is the website of the Norwegian Truck Owners Association, writes that the management in Vlantana Norway has admitted that they have made a number of mistakes.

– “We admit all the mistakes that happen in the company. Especially considering the calculation of working hours,” Tomas Stonys, operations director at Vlantana-owned Stonys Group and representative of shareholders of Vlantana Norway said.

He says the company does not know the regulations well enough for Norway.

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