Little domestic freight by foreign lorries


Of the 13.2 million tonnes transported by foreign lorries in Norway in 2017, 11.7 million tonnes were transported into or out of Norway, while 1.5 million tonnes were carried from one place in Norway to another (cabotage).


By way of comparison, the Norwegian lorry survey shows that Norwegian lorries transported 255.6 million tonnes of goods domestically and 4.9 million tonnes into or out of Norway. The foreign lorries share of goods transport thus amounted to only 4.9 per cent. This is shown by statistics based on surveys on road goods transport conducted by the EU/EEA countries.

About 3 in 10 tonne kilometres by foreign lorries

The foreign lorries had a transport performance of 9.5 billion tonne kilometres in their transport to, from and inside Norway during 2017; an increase of about 1 percentage point compared to 2016. The transport performance by the Norwegian lorries amounted to 21.4 billion tonne kilometres in 2017, of which 18.7 billion were domestically and 2.6 billion on international tours. Thus, the foreign lorries’ share of the total transport performance by lorry to, from, and inside Norway was 31 per cent in 2017.

Still little cabotage in Norway

Foreign lorries transported a total of 1.5 million tonnes of goods in cabotage in Norway in 2017. This corresponds to 0.6 per cent of all freight transported by Norwegian and foreign lorries in Norway.

During 2017, Polish lorries transported 304.3 thousand tonnes of goods from one place in Norway to another. The figures of cabotage are relatively compared to the total, and the figures vary somewhat from year to year. This indicates that there is some uncertainty about numbers.

Swedish lorries still transported the most

Swedish lorries carried a total of 3.6 million tonnes of goods on their Norwegian trips in 2017. The Polish lorries transported 2.8 million. Lorries from the Baltic countries followed with total 3.3 million tonnes of goods. In 2016, Swedish lorries’ transport performance amounted to 4.5 billion tonne kilometres on journeys inside Norway and abroad, while the Polish lorries accounted for 3.3 billion tonne kilometres.