LO predicts dramatic changes for Norwegian workers

Dramatic changes in Norwegian workPhoto.LO deputy Tor-Arne Solbakken.Dramatic changes in Norwegian work.

In the next ten years Norway will experience the most profound changes since World War II in the workforce and working conditions,  LO (The Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions) warns.  On Tuesday the organization will decide on their demands for the wage settlements ahead.

Employment will be our number one priority. Work for everyone is still job number 1. At the same time we want to ensure development in purchasing power and equal pay, says LO deputy Tor-Arne Solbakken said.
The employers in NHO have spoken loudly of freezing salaries, and Solbakken admits that this is no time for big raises. However, he still thinks that people in general can get more money to spend.
– The important thing is the relation between the developments of the prices and salaries, says Solbakken.
– It’s much better to ge at 3 percent salary increase and 1 percent purchasing power growth than 10 percent wage increase and 12 percent inflation, like in  the mid-1980s, he adds.
Besides ensuring purchasing power, the demands of the Supervisory Board of LO Tuesday is expected to focus on calling for giving priority to low-paid and women dominated groups in the public sector.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today