Lødingen Fishing imposed 6 million in fees

FishFish.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix
Lødingen Fish has received a violation charge of NOK 6 million for having tapped Bresjavatn Nordland below the minimum allowable water level in 2014.
NVE believes the company deliberately tapped Bresjavatn in Lødingen municipality below the minimum allowable water level and that it did not make efforts to avoid this, before NVE contacted Lødingen Fish.
– We have for years pointed out that the company has a water resource that is not sufficient in dry periods, says section chief Øyvind Leirset NVE environmental supervision, in a statement.
Lødingen Fish produce smolts to aquaculture companies. The company has permission to drain the water down 30 centimeters, but in the period from 12 January to 25 February 2014, water levels in Bresjavatn sunk more than this – and at the lowest water level was 42 centimeters below the minimum allowable regulatory limits.
– Bottom animals had little movement and aquatic vegetation was dry and dead as a result of the drawdown, said Leirset.
In calculating the fee, NVE among other things, emphasized that the company has achieved huge financial profits by tapping Bresjavatn beyond the framework their license provides. Profits are estimated at approximately 5.3 million kroner.
Lødingen Fish can appeal the decision to the MPE within three weeks of receipt.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today