Lower imports of Christmas goods this year

Christmas giftsChristmas gifts.Photo: pixabay.com

There were fewer imported Christmas items this year than last year, according to a Christmas survey by Statistics Norway. But there will be enough under the tree anyway.

The Central Statistics Bureau (SSB) has, as usual, set figures for imports of goods in October and November. Judging from the pre-Christmas import figures, there may be fewer traditional soft packages such as shirts, skirts and slips under the Christmas tree this year.

Acrobats on snowboards and mono-skis are allowed some hope for new equipment.

In November, there were imports of over 118,000 trees from Denmark. That represents a slight increase from the same month last year, but usually, more Christmas trees are imported in December than in November.

Children and adolescents, and in many cases, fathers, are not always happy receiving soft packages. They might eye with a little hope, more hard packages this year, as there were fewer imported shirts, blouses, skirts and slips in October and November than during the same months last year.

The survey also shows that clementines hold an increasingly strong position at Christmas. In October and November, there were nearly 9560 tons of clementine imports.

Imports of almonds for Christmas porridge also showed a sharp increase. During the same Oct/Nov period, a total of 25,600 kg almonds with shells were imported (almost three times the amount of last year).


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today