Enough electricity to power 1,5 million electrical cars in 2030

MainsMains.Photo:Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Calculations made by NVE  shows that there will be enough electrical power available to supply 1.5 million electric cars  with electricity in 2030.

The prerequisite for the charging of the cars to take place without any problems, is that many of the cars are charged at night, when the rest of the energy consumption is low.

– Electric cars are both energy-efficient and climate-friendly, and in 2030, half of the passenger and cargo cars may run on electricity. Calculations NVE has done shows that there will be enough electrical  power available to charge 1.5 million electric vehicles, which is the aim of the National Transport plan , Director  of NVE, Anne Vera Skrivarhaug, says .

For there to be this many electric cars have,  the majority of new cars purchased by 2025 have to be zero-emission vehicles. These cars will together use around four terawatt hours of power.

This corresponds to only 3 percent of the Norwegian power consumption.
In a report about this subject,  NVE points out that  local challenges may arise.

This will typically be in areas with weak networks, or in areas where many people are charging their electrical cars at the same time.
NVE points out that the growth in population and economic growth will result in increased transportation needs.

If the transport sector does not transition to zero emission technologies, another NVE report  has estimated that energy use for transportation, machinery and tools can increase by 25 percent to over 80 terawatt hours in 2050. In 2015 the corresponding figure was 69 terawatt hours.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today