Majority says no to property tax

Houses in Jessheim, GystadHouses in Jessheim, Gystad.Photo: Norway Today Media

Property tax is debated and disputed. In a new poll 56 percent said they oppose the tax. Six out of seven municipalities are taxing their inhabitants this way.

Both of the Government parties are against the municipal tax, but the Conservatives have no resolution to remove it, and the Progress Party has prioritized other issues, according to VG.

Under the so-called blue-blue Government an additional 41 municipalities have introduced property tax, so that it now required in 365 of the country’s 426 municipalities.

In connection with VG’s party polls, Infact asked people whether they are for or against the property tax. 56 percent say they are against, half as many against leaving 16 percent undecided.

Eight out of ten percent of Conservative voters have little sympathy to the tax, slightly outnumbered by the Progress Party voters, where 83.7 percent said no.

Labour voters are almost split down the middle: 42.8 percent are against, while 40.3 percent is for – leaving 17 percent of Labour voters with no stated opinion.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today