Majority still fur farming

fur farmingFur farming-Photo: Alf Ove Hansen / Scanpix

There is a majority in the Parliament to continue with fur farming in Norway. It follows leaks from the industry committee that Nationen received.

The decision of the Committee is, however, not ready until next week, said the newspaper Nationen.

– We had a meeting of the committee today, and we agreed to delay the decision to Tuesday. We must organize the comments received.

It was a bit messy with all the inputs coming in at the end, said spokesman Morten Ørsal Johansen.
The government stepped in to continue the industry in the White Paper on the fur industry, which was presented in November.

Ørsal Johansen says that there is also majority in Parliament for a continuance. But he would not say which parties form the majority.

Animal Welfare Alliance is not satisfied, but still hope for stricter rules, including prohibition on group cages for mink.

– We are of course disappointed, but now we’re excited about what the Parliament will advocate on Tuesday.

When it is not being wound up this time, it is a prerequisite that the stricter rules that may mitigate the suffering of fur animals, says communications manager Live Kleveland in a statement.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today