Man acknowledges guilt in married couple detention case

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The 42 year old man who widely used illegal labour from Mongolia in the cleaning company he was running has been detained for a week.


The man acknowledged a sentence of punishment of detention in Oslo district court on Thursday afternoon. He is charged with violations of the Immigration Act by using illegal labour extensively,but the sentence may be amended and extended, according to police adviser, Marianne Aune, of Oslo police district.

The Oslo-based cleaning company was established in 2014, and is registered as sole proprietor in the husband’s name. Police believe that it has sold cleaning services to hundreds of customers, mainly private individuals, and used large-scale illegal labour in the business.

Even though it is the husband’s name listed on the company, the police think that there is every reason to believe that the wife is as central as him in the operation of the company.

It’s been going on for a long time

“The business of the company has been going on for a long time, and there may be hundreds of customers who have used the company. It has emerged professionally, and many of those who have used the company have probably not understood that they have been involved in using illegal labour,” said police attorney, Aune.

The court has detained the husband and his 44 year old wife for one week,and justified this with the statement that there is a danger that the two will attempt to coincide their explanations, and destroy evidence if they are not held in detention.

They were arrested on Tuesday in a major action against multiple addresses.

‘’Further investigation will reveal role distribution and responsibility’’, wrote police attorney, Aune, in a text message to NTB news.

Illegal labour

Three mongolian nationals who worked for the couple were also detained,charged with violations of the Immigration Act by staying and working in Norway without permission.

In addition, another four Mongolian nationals were detained on Wednesday. The seven have been largely accused of the same penalties.

The husband and wife are Norwegian citizens, but the wife has Mongolian origin.

It is apparent from the court documents that the case may grow to an extent, and that the police are looking for more concrete evidence, and witnesses in connection with the cleaning company, as the police do not currently have them under control”.


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