Man lied about his age 70 times to obtain discounts with SAS

SASSAS.Photo: Pixabay

A man in his 30’s has been sentenced to conditional imprisonment for having lied about his age over 70 times to obtain a youth discount with SAS.

The man acknowledged partial guilt when the case went to Stavanger District Court, writes Rogaland Avis.

According to the indictment, the man booked over a two and a half year period, 72 tickets with a youth discount despite the fact that he was way over the age limit of 26 years.

The man explained that during that period of time he traveled extensively in connection with his activities as an artist.

He says it was his clients who booked the tickets, and the man claimed he did not know that he was traveling on a discounted youth ticket.

The court did not believe this, but on the other hand “of the clear opinion that the defendant knowingly and willingly made the bookings, and entered the wrong date of birth in order to obtain the cheaper tickets than he was entitled to.”

The man is convicted of having received NOK 29,065 in unlawful gains through discounts he was not entitled to.

He has received a sentence reduction because of the long processing time, and the court sentenced him to a 30-day conditional sentence. In addition, he must reimburse SAS for the unlawful gain, and pay a fine of NOK 10.000,- and NOK 2.000,- in court costs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today