Many believe real estate prices to rise

Apartments at Sørenga in Oslo.Apartments at Sørenga in Oslo.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

In a new survey one in four people believe real estate prices to rise the coming months.

-” For the first time under the corona crisis there are more who are starting to believe an increase instead of a decrease in prices in housing. We noticed a radical change in opinion  compared to the first months of the corona crisis.”, says Ola Gaute-Aas, Senior advisor. 

A new survey from Opinion says that 23 percent of those asked believe that real estate prices in Norway will increase the following months, while 45 percent believe the prices will not change and 19 percent believe the prices will fall. 

An average of 8 percent believed an increase throughout March, April, and May, while 51 percent believed the prices would fall and 26 percent believed the prices would not change. 

The numbers from Eiendom Norge show that there was only a fall in prices in March(-1.4 percent), while prices increased by 0.5 percent in April and 1.9 in May.

Figures from the housing construction company Obos presented on Wednesday that prices on their housing units increased by 0.2 percent in June. Eiendom Norge will present the real estate price statistics on Friday. 

On June 18, Norges Bank estimated an increase in prices by 3 percent this year and that it will increase further next year. 

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