Many complain about telemarketing sales

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Many complain about telemarketing sales

The Norwegian Consumer Authority receives many complaints about unwanted telemarketing sales and asks the companies to understand the regulations better.

Over 2.2 million people have blocked their phone numbers from telephone sales, but many of these still feel that they are called up, writes the Consumer Authority in a press release.

“The insurance industry is one of the industries that seems to have the greatest difficulty in following the rules of telephone sales. Therefore, we have to deal with those companies,” says legal director Frode Elton Haug in the audit.

Most complaints to the survey are related to the exemption rules that regulate which consumers can be called up even if they have reserved themselves. The audit shows, among other things, people who complain that they have been called because they are members of an organization that cooperates with an insurance company or former customers are being called up.

In addition to sending letters to the insurance industry, the Authority has published a guide on the rules for telephone sales. They expect the industry to tackle the problems and follow the rules.

Reserve yourself against telemarketing here.

Reservation against unaddressed mail

Contact a post office or Post in Store for a sticker to place on your mailbox (You can even make one yourself). Once the mailbox is marked, you should no longer receive unaddressed material provided by Posten.

There are other actors who deliver advertising to your mailbox. We cannot guarantee that other distributors will respect your reservation. If you do not want to receive free newspapers, you must clearly state so as well.

If you use a P.O box, you can tell your post office, or Post in Store, that you want to reserve yourself.

For more, and similar, info please read about it on the Norwegian Customer Portal.

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