Many people think it’s okay to wear shorts at work

Shorts at workShorts at work.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Most people think it’s acceptable for men to wear shorts at work, albeit if they do not have a management position, a survey that Ipsos has done for Dagbladet showed.


While the summer heat rages and many may struggle with the employer’s demands in long pants, Ipsos asked 1,001 people whether shorts may be okay.

21% said that they are alright, no matter what the work.45% thought it is fine if one doesn’t have a management position or client meetings, while 12% of the respondents have no opinion on the matter one way or another, Dagbladet wrote.

At the same time, only 9% of those aged between 60 and 99 years said that it is okay regardless of their assignment or job,and 38% in this age group answer yes if they do not have a management position or have client meetings.

Among the younger respondents, it was considered more acceptable to wear shorts on the job. 18% said it’s okay, while half said it is okay unless one is in a management position or have client meetings. Men and women responded roughly the same.

The chief editor in Danish Jyllands Posten made a debate in May when he, in an email to the staff, banned shorts. Here at home, Rødt (Red) Politician,Erling Folkvord, received more attention about his clothes than the subject he was talking about when he addressed a TV 2 debate about the Middle East and conflict areas wearing shorts and a singlet.


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