Marine Harvest will not apply for salmon stock increase

Marine Harvest Salmon algaeFarmed Salmon. Photo: Marine Harvest

Livestock company Marine Harvest does not want to have government stock increase to increase salmon production.
In summer the Government announced measures to increase production in the aquaculture industry. The ceiling for the amount of fish that can stay in the lake, increases in the best growth period, against it being lowered the rest of the year. The measure referred to as revolving MTB (maximum allowed biomass).

– After careful consideration, including the length of the trial period, costs, potential production and sustainability, Marine Harvest has decided not to apply for the flexible maximum allowable biomass, according to the world’s largest aquaculture company in a stock exchange release on Thursday.

Already this summer Marine Harvest said that they feared that the government’s measures to increase salmon production could lead to the opposite long term effect.

– The problem is that you get more salmon in the sea, more biomass, when the problem of lice is greatest. That’s when it is warm in the sea that sea lice thrives. Increasing the amount of salmon in the sea without having control, it is very scary, said the CEO to Aarskog Dagens Næringsliv this summer.

Several nature organizations complained about the decision over MTB to the Ombudsman. Also they reasoned complaints that the measure can help boost lice problems.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today