Meat consumption down for first time since 2010

Meat sawCut Meat, Photo: Pixabay

After several years of increase in meat consumption,it is now falling. Last year, each Norwegian ate 53.3 kilos of meat on average.


There was a decline of 0.6 kilo per person from 2016.2017 is the first year since 2010 that there has been a decline in meat consumption. In 2010, consumption was 50.2 kilos per capita.

The figures appear in the report “Meat Condition 2018”,which is made by the company, Animalia, owned by Nortura, and the Swedish Federation of Meat and Poultry.

It is the consumption of cattle, pork and game meat which were reduced, while lamb and poultry had an increase in consumption.

Animalia director,Tor Arne Ruud, told Nationen newspaper that meat cuts may have had an effect. He nevertheless believes that it is too early to determine if there will be a lasting drop in meat consumption.

“A decrease of 0.6 kilos per person is not dramatic. In general,meat consumption has been quite stable for a long time. Now we notice that there was a decline last year. It’s a sample year.We are more excited about how it develops. It remains to be seen if this is a trend” said Ruud.


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