Medicines are cheaper in Norway than in many other countries

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A comparison of the prices of 13 common medicines in 50 countries shows that the Norwegian price level was 5.26 per cent below the median level.

In a study called The Medicine Price Index 2019 conducted by the British health company Medbelle, it is revealed that there are large variations in the prices of the same medicines in different countries. A comparison of 50 countries shows that Norway ranks 27th on the list, with a price level that is 5.26 percent below the median price.

It is Aftenposten who reviews the overview.

The price level in Sweden is as much as 23 per cent below the median value, but in Denmark prices are 79.5 per cent above. At the bottom is Thailand with a price level 94 per cent below the median price. In the US, the prices of common medicines are as much as 306 percent above the median value.

– There is no competition in the US and no good regulation. The pharmaceutical industry has a lot of power. Medicare, a public health insurance, is not allowed to negotiate with the pharmaceutical industry. In Norway, the authorities have more to say, explains medical director Steinar Madsen of the Norwegian Medicines Agency to Aftenposten.

The 13 drugs included in the study relate to common disorders or illnesses such as diabetes, anxiety, potency problems, high cholesterol, heart disease, fibromyalgia, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes and depression.

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