Membership of the Norwegian electric vehicle association is soaring

Electric cars, Charging PointElectric car charging. Photo:

A membership boom has led the Norwegian electric vehicle association (Norsk elbilforening) to become the second largest motorist organization in Norway.

The association has now passed 40,000 members, with currently over 30 times more members than it had in 2010. Soon, 100,000 electric cars will have been sold in Norway, according to figures from the Association.

‘We are one of the biggest in the world, and the second largest automobile association in Norway’, said Secretary General Christina Bu of the Norwegian electric vehicle association.

Bu said the association is used somewhat as a bench-mark by other countries as well.

‘Foreign governments contact us, and we are asked for advice at the start-up of similar organizations. We see ourselves as a hybrid between a car and an environmental organization’, said the Secretary General.

Helge Kvale (aged 64) from Kleppestø, outside Bergen, was the Norsk elbilforening (EV Society’s) 40,000th member.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today