Millions of kroner worth of damages following extreme rainfall in Oslo

Oslo.Photo: Audun Braastad / NTB scanpix

This past weekend, Oslo was hit by heavy rainfall, which led to floods in several areas. An insurance company reports claims for more than NOK 2.5 million.

The rainfall also led to major traffic problems in several parts of eastern Norway.

In the capital, cars were stuck and drunken people bathed in the streets, according to police. In a short period of time, the Oslo Fire and Rescue Service had to deal with over 50 calls, all related to lightning strikes and flooding.

Tryg Forsikring has so far recorded 17 injuries as a result from the storm. Most are related to water damage in basements and ground level private homes, the insurance company said in a press release.

The costs in two of the damage cases are estimated at NOK 200,000 each. In total, the insurance company estimates NOK 2.5 million for all the claims.

The storm came from the north at 1 am night to Sunday and showered huge amounts of water. The police referred to the storm as “an urban flood”. Several tunnels in the center of Oslo, including the Hammersborg Tunnel and the Vaterland Tunnel, had to be closed as the water masses gathered at the bottom.

On Monday, the Meteorological Institute issued a yellow warning for heavy rain showers in several counties in Eastern Norway. Both in Buskerud, Oppland and Hedmark, locally heavy rain showers are expected, with the danger of flooding and landslides and floods where the storms hit. The danger warning applied until 4 o’clock Tuesday morning.

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