More money for scrapping if you buy more environmentally friendly car

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The Ministry of Finance is considering increasing the scrap vehicle deposit if you switch to a less polluting vehicle. The idea came from Finance Minister Siv Jensen’s “enviroment trip” in Canada.

Jensen’s Undersecretary André Kolve confirmed to Aftenposten that the ministry is working on such a proposal.

In the government budget’s national document the proposal was descibed this way: “The wreck deposit should be amended to a differentiated deposit scheme where people who shift to less polluting vehicles are rewarded. Costs and anticipated climate effects will be assessed.

The aim is that any, new environmental differentiated scrapping Would be introduced at the latest in January 1st 2018. ”

Today the wreck deposit is 3000 kroner regardless of what kind of car you discards, or what you may be replacing it with.

When Jensen and Trine Skei Grande visited Canada this summer to get environmental tips, Jensen was enthusiastic about their scheme that rewarded environmentally friendly replacements for scrapped vehicles.

Skei Grande believes that the scheme sounds demanding to implement in practice.

How she remembered the Canadian scheme, it means that you get a single sum on buying an electric car, another about buying electric bicycle, a third if you buy a hybrid and a fourth if you buy a regular car to replace the one discarded.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today