More repairs on electric cars than other cars

RamstadslettaRamstadsletta in Bærum at E-18.Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix

Electric cars have more car damage repairs than other cars, figures from Finance Norway show. Tesla tops the damage statistics.

The statistics are taken from Finans Norge’s claims assessment system.

In 2019, about 14 percent of all electric vehicles in Norway came to a workshop because of damage. The same applies to 9 percent of fossil fuel cars in the same period. Tesla cars had a damage rate of 21 percent, 7 percentage points more than the average for electric cars.

Communications Manager Stine Neverdal in Finance Norway believes the differences in the number of workshop visits are due to the difference of use of electric cars and fossil cars.

– “Many people use their electric cars a lot in densely populated areas and cities. This may be part of the explanation,” says Neverdal.

Petrol and diesel cars of the Citroën, Peugeot and Opel brands had the least reported damage in the damage system.

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  1. Another factor may be that electric cars on average are newer than other cars. So people are more likely to get it fixed rather than ignore it. Tesla are also more expensive and getting it fixed is a nobrainer.

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