More than 230 people apply for dog sitting job in Bærum

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The coronavirus pandemic has led many people with different education profiles to apply for the same jobs. In Bærum, more than 230 people applied for the position of a dog sitter.

More than 230 applications were received by a dog daycare company in Bærum for the position of a dog sitter.

Among the applicants were several people who have previously worked as waiters, chefs, carpenters, in boutiques, and people from the IT industry, according to newspaper Budstikka.

“This is a reflection of Norway in 2020. The pandemic has hit the Norwegian economy hard.

“Unemployment has roughly doubled from what it was at the same time last year,” chief economist Øystein Dørum in NHO told the newspaper.

“New normal”

In Asker and Bærum, the share of unemployed workers in tourism and transport has increased by 25%, while the share in the service profession increased by 15.4%.

Dørum says crises such as the coronavirus pandemic will leave long-lasting traces in the labor market, but that unemployment will return to normal in a couple of years – even if the picture we have of the labor market will change.

“There will probably be a different composition of demand, production, and employment. A new normal,” he concluded.

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