Most business owners believe that tax cheats will be discovered

Hans Christian HolteHans Christian Holte, tax

The majority of business owners believe there is a high likelihood of cheating with taxes and fees being discovered in their industry, according to the Tax Agency.

– “It is good that as many as 73 percent of business leaders perceive that there is a high probability that we will discover tax fraud and tax evasion. We also see that only eight percent of those surveyed believe it is acceptable to move money away from the community,” says tax director Hans Christian Holte in a press release.

Each year, the Tax Agency, in collaboration with Opinion, conducts a survey to the attitudes of business owners who comply with rules, reporting and the risk of being discovered if they cheat. The survey’s selection includes 2,000 businesses.

The review shows that Norwegian business leaders have confidence in the tax authorities.

86 percent rely on the Tax Administration’s information processing and 70 percent have very or great confidence that their business is treated fairly. But only 32 percent have great confidence that the Tax Administration is able to stop those who knowingly evade taxes and fees.

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