Most Norwegians are more concerned about the Norwegian economy than their private finances

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Not as many people as in June believe in an improvement in the Norwegian economy in the coming months. At the same time, fewer people worry about their own finances, according to a survey.

In the survey, which was conducted by the Norwegian Corona Monitor from Opinion, a total of 49,400 Norwegians were asked how they assess the economy.

A majority of 55 percent answer that they think the economic situation in the country will remain unchanged next month, 24 percent think it will get better, while 21 percent think it will get worse.

– More and more people expect an unchanged situation for the Norwegian economy. June was the first month where more people believed in a better rather than worse development, but not as many believe in improvement in July, says senior adviser Nora Clausen in Opinion.

In June, 31 per cent of those surveyed believed in a better economy, so the July result shows a decrease of 7 percentage points to this question. On the other hand, there are also fewer people who believe in a worsening of the situation – a decrease of 3 percentage points from June.

The proportion who are worried about their own finances has fallen through the Corona epidemic. In the July survey, 2 percentage points fewer state that they are worried about their private finances compared to June, when 24 per cent answered that they were worried.

Far more, close to half of the respondents in the survey, state that they are concerned about the country’s economy as a result of the Corona epidemic.

– About twice as many Norwegians worry about the Norwegian economy rather than about their personal finances. This is a trend that has persisted throughout the epidemic, says Clausen.

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